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Dorphan (TOMS2019)

Saumu Kombo (TOMS2019)

The Taste of my skin (TOMS) event, and its attendant activities, is based
upon the recognition that societal attitudes
towards minority groups cannot be changed solely
through legislation, but instead through sustained
education and exposure to and interaction with those
perceived to be different from the majority.
Standards of beauty are arbitrary and subjective,
and while indivuduals reserve their right
to make these judgements, they must never
form the basis for their assesment of the humanity
or ability of others - as this would potentially
prevent “the others” from enjoying
their rights as human beings - to actualize
their potential - while also denying society their
input in the various socio-economic and
political spheres to which they might
otherwise contribute.

We appreciate the awesome poet (Saumu) for being part of this.

John and Toms 2019 Top 10




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